11th & Broadway; San Diego, CA the Deepest mixed use parking in SoCal, -85ft to bottom of core, East village SD, 11 blocks from the bay, 7 parking levels below grade, 5ft’ mat foundation beneath, up and over 82” City sewer line, with 31 level, 307 unit residential tower above

Podium, Parking Structure and High rise by projects in Southern Califiornia geograpical regions, counties; 

Orange County

2525 Main Street, Irvine, California, 272 units multi-family housing, 340,000 square foot concrete podium structure, one of the largest in the City of Irvine

301 Jeanette Lane, Santa Ana, California, 181 units mutli-family housing, mat foundation with post tension concrete structure

Los Angeles County

WholeFoods grocery store including subterranean parking structure, 4 level building, over 250,000 square feet of building foot print

11x12 Examiner, 1100 S Hill & 1200 S Main St., Los Angeles, Caliornia, Mixed-use retail and housing, connnected to the historical 1905 Herald Examiner building in DTLA, 432 units housing plus parking for the historical Examiner building

20600 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA, 415 unit mixed-use housing and retail.  Including large concrete retaining walls with caissons

Colton and Toluca, Los Angeles, California 120 units multifamily housing, subterranean with podium structure midrise

5245 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California mixed-use retail and multi-family housing, located on Santa Monica Blvd. next to an elementry school residential neighborhood and 120,000 volt power lines surrounding the project, 5 levels of concrete including a 44" thick mat foundation over 40,000 square feet, totaling over 12,000 cubic yards in the mat foundation which is half the amount of concrete placed in the City of LA tallest building totaling 24,000 cubic yards perspectively

22433 S. Vermont, Torrance, Califoirnia, 246 units multi-family housing, wrap project including parking structure, standard AO architects and Seneca Engineering, flat span post tension parking structure

Mentone, Culver City, Los Angeles, California, multifamily housing, podium structure on grade

San Bernardino County 

The Crossings at Redlands, multi-family housing, 340 units of acculmate 1,200unit+ multi-phase, wrap project including parking structures

Riverside County

3750 Main Street, Riverside, California, mixed-use retail and multi-family housing, subterranean parking, in the growing area of downton Riverside

San Diego County

11th & Broadway, San Diego, California, designed and installed Liehberr 550 hammerhead tower crane 256' ft on erect,  including 7 levels (-85ft to core) subterranean, deepest parking in the City of San Diego, the 5' ft mat foundation is built hurdling the 85" diamter City sewer line.

8583 Aero Drive, San Diego, California, 412 units multi-family housing, wrap project including AO/Seneca parking structure, flat span post tension design, located directly near the Montgomery Airport

3288 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, California, 180 units mixed-use multi-family residential and retail located on bankers hill in downtown San Diego near the gas lamp district

5080 Camino Del Arroyo, Mission Valley, San Diego, California, 305 units mixed-use, including 20,000 square feet of retail and multi-family housing.  This is a wrap project including a parking structure and podium wrap

Ventura County

5898 Condor Drive, Moorpark, California, performing all work as the General Contractor, this 64,000 square foot parking structure was added to an existing office building to increase density

Architectural Interior CONCRETE finish...Santa Monica, California

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