that which is constructed or formed

Constructure lowered the site with site walls on a hillside by 50' feet, by install drilling, hoisting and placing 8,000 lbs. steel cages, for 75' foot caissons, in lifts of up to 15' feet on a earthquake fault line, placing 10" thick shotcrete wall reinforced with steel.  Meanwhile ongoing grading of thousands of yards of earthwork and construction roadways.
Working in the terrain is a significant consideration.  We utilized all terrain cranes, loaders, trucking, concrete boom pumps to achieve this work.  This project is renowned for the difficulty in constructibility given the earthquake zone design criteria and hillside terrain.

Today's operations

California based; Los Angeles county, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County, Riverside County, San Bernandino County, Alameda County. 


General building services for concrete structures; podiums, parking structures and high rise (subterranean, hillside).  


Earthwork; shoring piles; retaining walls, site walls.


Structural building concrete, masonry, shotcrete and reinforcing

(post tension and conventional).


Site work; colored concrete, masonry planters, and landscaping.




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Ventura County - Parking structure and site work

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Downtown San Diego - Mixed Use Project

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Drone Photography - Vertical post tension concrete structures

Specialized in commercial and residential concrete construction and general building.

Mixed-use, Mid-high rise, parking Structures, Podium project

Special project Retaining walls and all terrain site walls.


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